Natural weight loss remedy to prevent overweight health risks.

Natural weight loss remedy to prevent overweight health risks.


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What does it mean to be Overweight?

The term “overweight” has come to mean anything from a couple of pounds over your ideal figure to bordering on serious weight-related health concerns. Being overweight is something that many people struggle with in today’s modern society, and it can be difficult to overcome.

In essence, being overweight comes down to eating more calories than the body expends (or burns up). If this process is prolonged, and the weight continues to climb, this can result in obesity.

Not only does being overweight come with a number of health concerns, it also has a negative impact on self-esteem and emotional well-being. In addition to this, westernized societies tend to place huge emphasis on the “ideal” body weight and this has lead many people down a dangerous path of yo-yo diets and “quick-fix” methods of weight loss in pursuit of that illusive slender figure.

However, these weight loss techniques often confuse the metabolism and cause it to be sluggish and less effective. Fluctuations in weight are especially counter-productive for anyone trying to lose weight, and should be avoided! This does not mean that you are doomed to carry those extra pounds with little hope of fitting into that bikini by summer, it just means that any weight loss should be done gradually and healthily, and the best way to help yourself if you are overweight, is to change the destructive lifestyle habits that that perpetuate the problem.

Are you Overweight?

The most common measurement used to determine whether you should be concerned about you weight is the BMI (body mass index) which calculates your body weight in relation to your height. This ratio measurement is compared to other categories clinically classified as underweight, healthy, overweight or obese, and will give you a fairly accurate idea of whether your body weight is in the normal or excessive range.

What Causes you to become Overweight?

There are a number of reasons why people become overweight although most commonly it is the result of consuming more calories each day than the body can expend and convert into energy. Excess calories are then stored as fat and the result is weight gain.

Help for those who are Overweight

There’s always a new diet being flashed about in the media, the most recent magazines, and the latest celebrity-fad. However, in most cases, these diets land up costing you a fortune and the weight that is lost is quickly gained thereafter. There are however a few successful weight loss treatments , the most long-term of which are the more gradual and natural approaches.

More Information on being Overweight