Your Personal Multi-Sensor Accelerometer Device  Nutrition Supplement

Your Personal Multi-Sensor Accelerometer Device Nutrition Supplement

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The Bodybugg has revolutionized the way people are losing weight. The Bodybugg is a personal multi-sensor accelerometer device, that gives the wearer the most accurate measurement of calorie expenditure available outside of a clinical setting. The Bodybugg burst onto the scene in recent episodes of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and has been helping people meet their weight loss goals ever since. The Bodybugg is more than just a calorie expenditure measurement device, with its’ online software the Bodybugg makes weight loss simple.

After wearing your Body Bugg you can connect it to you computer via a standard USB cable or wireless Internet adapter where the Body Bugg software allows you to harness the data collected by your device into a powerful weight loss tool. The Bodybugg software not only tells you how many calories you have burned. After inputting your food intake it will breakdown what you have eaten and how many calories you have consumed. Combining all the above information your Bodybugg then spits out how many calories you have burned up to that point, a projection of how many more calories you will burn that day, your total calorie intake for the day, and the difference between calories taken in and calories burned. If all this information is not enough the software also creates a table showing the number of calories you have burned each minute through out the day. Need help figuring out what to do with all this information? They thought of that too! A free phone coaching session with a Bodybugg coach is included with the purchase of a new Bodybugg device.

NEW BodyBugg V3 Personal Calorie System w 12-Month Subs

BodyBugg New in Box with Digital Display


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BodyBugg To Assist In A More Fit Lifestyle

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